Heres to You Sugarland...

Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 1:40 AM By: LittleMissSugarland

I admit, it has taken me a bit more time than i had anticipated in sitting down to reflect on the past couple of weeks. Forgive me, but i have been busy learning about how to operate one incredible machine lately. (Har Har)It is hard to put into words what this album means to me personally. When I was little, around the age of nine or ten, I remember my mom bringing home an album from our local music store. It was the Eagles, "Hell Freezes Over". She was so excited about it, and proceeded to play it constantly in the family car, to the point where, even today, that album is time stamped into my brain. I hear certain songs from it, and my memory kicks in. I remember how much she loved this CD, and how much it meant to her (though it wasn't new was the!eagles!back!together!) bottom line, it was a big deal to her. Just as, this album, The Incredible Machine is to me. Ive spent a great deal of time listening to each song, and find myself being able to connect, and relate to each and every song from start to finish. Never in my life has an album been able to accomplish this from start to finish. It is a pretty powerful thing to experience, and i am grateful to have it.
Now, knowing that this album would be a bit of a departure from previous material, i could not WAIT to hear what was in store. The fact that some are arguing over whether this album is country is irrelevant to me. The bottom line is, it is quality music that will touch your soul if you let it, and that is so much more important that categorizing it into a genre. I hear these songs and fully grasp the effort, the heart and the dedication that it took to bring this album to life. I understand exactly what it is they're trying to accomplish; to send a message, to make us all understand that were not alone in this world, that we all share the same complexities of human emotion... and awesome. Its more than awesome. I get it, and am more than willing to go there with them. When you can see the amount of dedication someone has to a project, and how much they throw themselves out there, heart and all, to me, its a no brainer There is no other way to describe it than spectacular. Yes, it is true, I braved the windy... chilly...(oh so very chilly!) conditions on October 18th by standing in line all day for the Unstaged concert and fielded more than a few quizzical glances!! When asked (repeatedly) why I was already in line, all i could do was smile and respond "because this band is worth it" and its the truth...they are. With Sugarland, you get out of it what you put into it. With these guys, they will not only make you feel welcome at the party, but a damn important part of it too.

To Jennifer and Kristian, I want to congratulate you on a brilliant, beautiful record. Your hearts and spirits shine through each and every song. Thank you. Thank You Thank You Thank you Thank you. It hardly seems like enough ;)

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    I think this album speaks to everybody! good story though! (:

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