Sugarlife update! :)

Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 10:01 PM By: destinylovesSL:)

Hey guys! I feel like it's been foreverrrrrr since I had the tijme to actually write a blog on here!! I've been able to be on here & there for a few minutes but I've just been sooo busy!! I miss you guys! :( I feel like so much has gone on that I've missed! I've been trying my hardest to read everybody's latest blogs & forums & such & been trying to see all the new people but it's a butt load of stuff to try to get updated on!! Hahaha :) But goodness me I'm tryin! Alrighty so these past few months have been uuuber busy, & kinda tough /: On October 17th, I lost someone verrryy close to me :( not just family, my school, the whole WORLD it seems like. His name was Coach Harris...he was a basketball coach & teacher here at OVHS, where I go to school. But for me, he was so much more than that. When my brother Anthony was a freshman here is when I met Coach Harris. I was about 5 or 6 at the time. & he coached both my brother & sister all 4 years of highschool in basketball. He became a supporting figure for all of us & a close almost member of our family. When my dad passed away when I was 7 of cancer, Coach Harris stepped in as a strong father figure & support system for our family. His whole family did, in fact. (He has 3 daughters & a son, & 1 of the daughters & his son work here as bball coaches & teachers). They helped us all get through so much.
In the month of August, Coach Harris discovered a life-changing diease...he had stage 4 cancer. As the weeks went by, it seemed like all of my days consisted of praying, worrying, & trying to be strong. & for a brief moment, Coach had seemed to be getting better. But in the short time of mid-September when we started school to mid-October, the cancer had just swallowed him whole. His body was no longer responding to the khemo, & it had all just gone downhill. & on the 17th of October, he died. It has been so hard to get through, because it brings up the exact same memories of what we went through with my dad. I kid you not, the same thing happened with him. He had cancer, had khemo, & was getting better...but within 6 months, it came back again & he died 2 months later. It just feels very ironic, because Coach & his family went through the same thing that they originally helped us through. I remember breifly what happened the rest of that night.... all I can remember is being crushed. My whole family was broken, & we didn't know what to do.The day after was a Monday, & the school was an entirely different place. I can't even describe it. As of now, we have all finally began to heal, very slowly though. I pray every day for Coach & his family, allllll of his family, to continue to heal & keep getting stronger every day. It's amazing how much support there is all around. So all I ask is that you pray for Coach, that he is making himself at home up there :) & pray for his family to get through & continue to grow from this. Thanks guys :) love you. & another blog is coming, I didn't expect this one to be so long!

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